Special Educator, Sarah Fe Cabanalan


Photo Courtesy of Sarah Fe Cabanalan

Sarah Fe Cabanalan joins the special education department at SPHS.

Julia Bollino, Staff Writier

What made you decide to be an educator?

I come from a family of educators, yes, lovers of mankind, so they say. My mom was a grade school teacher her entire life. My sister is the same and my brother married a teacher. I wanted to pursue a different field, but teaching has been so inviting. I can see in my mom’s face that feeling of satisfaction as she helped students learn. She enjoyed everyday as a teacher and did not retire from teaching until it was mandatory. When she retired, she still did part time teaching. Thus, I was inspired by her example and those of other teachers, as well. I recourse my career to teaching and did not regret.

Is this your first year of teaching?

No. This is my 38th year of teaching total and 15th in the country.

What made you want to come to SPHS?

I heard a lot of great things about SPHS! Yes, too many to name. I thought I won’t get accepted for a teaching position at SPHS, but I tried anyway. In addition, I live closer to SPHS compared to my previous school (which is a plus).

What do you teach?

I am a Special Educator. I co-teach Algebra 2, Algebra 1, and Stat Analysis.

What do you like to do outside of school?

I do vegetable gardening and am active in church ministry.

Do you have family here in the area?

Yes. My daughter and her husband live in the adjacent community where my husband and I live. (Pasadena area)