The Message Behind Your Dreams

Subheadline: The Dream Dictionary from A to Z has recently come out by Theresa Cheung, an expert on dreams, an analysis on the dreams can tell what you crave in life and what changes need to be made.


Bella Boettinger

Dreams have always been a mystery, they can seem completely random but it’s likely there is meaning behind it. Now there is a way to decipher the meanings of the most bizarre dreams. “It’s been helpful knowing how my dreams can relate to my real life” sophomore Ally Weaver said.

Bella Boettinger, Staff Writer

The most common dreams involve being chased, changes to appearance, falling, and many others. Looking at the meaning behind them can solve many of life’s mysteries. It can lead you to discover things about yourself you haven’t thought about before.

Teeth: Dreaming about teeth can mean that you feel inadequate about yourself, tooth dreams occur when something in your life is transitioning. Since teeth are lost and changed at a young age, it can also mean that childhood innocence is being lost. It can branch out to insecurities and worries of getting older.

Being Chased: Chasing dreams can be very nerve racking and it’s the natural dream for when there is a lot of anxiety in life.  It is a way to run away from problems and is a way to cope with real life problems like fear and stress. Instead of confronting a situation, it is likely you are avoiding it. A chase dream could also represent an idea that you are willing to accept, so ask yourself, what are you running from?

Appearance: Dreams about the body can either be a recurrence of an earlier event or have a deeper background. For instance if you are injured or had a manicure the dream could just be recalling these instances. But it could also mean that there are insecurities and self esteem issues present in your thinking.

Falling: Dreams that focus on falling tend to happen when you first fall asleep, your body tends to move and falling can trigger some of these movements. If you are falling down or losing balance it could mean you are anxious about school or a love life or something else that has a big effect on you when awake. If you are unhurt in these dreams it means there is something you worry about that shouldn’t worry you as much as it should.

Dreams can give big hints on ways to improve your life or problems that are being faced head on, dream dictionaries are a great tool to use to make sense of your dreams.

Cheung, Theresa. The Dream Dictionary from A to Z: the Ultimate A-Z to Interpret the Secrets of Your Dreams. Thorsons, 2019.