The Talon

2018-2019 Varsity Softball

Thu, Mar 14 SpaldingArchbishop Spalding 5-6L
SpaldingArchbishop Spalding
Sat, Mar 23 12:00 PMHowardBachman Sports Compl
HowardBachman Sports Compl
Mon, Mar 25 4:00 PMBroadneckSeverna Park High Sc
BroadneckSeverna Park High Sc
Wed, Mar 27 4:00 PMArundelArundel High School
ArundelArundel High School
Fri, Mar 29 4:00 PMSouth RiverSeverna Park High Sc
South RiverSeverna Park High Sc
Mon, Apr 01 4:00 PMAnnapolisAnnapolis High Schoo
AnnapolisAnnapolis High Schoo
Wed, Apr 03 4:00 PMSouthern Southern High School
Southern Southern High School
Fri, Apr 05 6:00 PMNortheastNortheast High Schoo
NortheastNortheast High Schoo
Mon, Apr 08 4:00 PMGlen BurnieSeverna Park High Sc
Glen BurnieSeverna Park High Sc
Wed, Apr 10 4:00 PMNorth CountySeverna Park High Sc
North CountySeverna Park High Sc
Fri, Apr 12 7:00 PMOld MillBachman Sports Compl
Old MillBachman Sports Compl
Mon, Apr 15 4:00 PMChesapeakeChesapeake High Scho
ChesapeakeChesapeake High Scho
Wed, Apr 17 4:00 PMMeadeMeade High School
MeadeMeade High School
Sat, Apr 20 11:00 AMChopticonBachman Sports Compl
ChopticonBachman Sports Compl
Sat, Apr 20 3:00 PMSetonBachman Sports Compl
SetonBachman Sports Compl
Wed, Apr 24 4:00 PMBroadneckBroadneck High Schoo
BroadneckBroadneck High Schoo
Fri, Apr 26 4:00 PMArundelSeverna Park High Sc
ArundelSeverna Park High Sc
Mon, Apr 29 4:00 PMSouth RiverSouth River High Sch
South RiverSouth River High Sch
Wed, May 01 4:00 PMAnnapolis Severna Park High Sc
Annapolis Severna Park High Sc
Fri, May 03 4:00 PMSouthern Severna Park High Sc
Southern Severna Park High Sc
Mon, May 06 4:30 PMNorthernNorthern High School
NorthernNorthern High School
Tue, May 07 7:00 PMCounty ChampionshipBachman Sports Compl
County ChampionshipBachman Sports Compl
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