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Why Your Grilled Cheese Isn’t Up to Par

Rachel Lotlikar, Photo Editor

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As the temperatures lower and the lattes come out, you may find yourself reaching for some comfort food. Not everyone can make fried chicken or baked mac and cheese on a moment’s notice, but you can still satisfy your decadent cravings with a simple classic. All you’ll need is bread, butter, cheese and a pan.

Grilled cheese isn’t exactly something that is first on everyone’s minds when fall comes around, but with a perfect golden crust, buttery outside and gooey cheese, that fact is bound to change. The secret to a good grilled cheese is easily just butter, and for a better grilled cheese, you want quality bread but for a perfect grilled cheese,  you also need quality cheeses. This isn’t to say that you can’t have a great sandwich using mayonnaise, Wonder Bread and American cheese, but if you can one up each ingredient, the results will be impressive.

First, a good grilled cheese needs patience. Set your stove on a medium low heat. Don’t rush perfection. While your pan heats up, butter a single side on two pieces of your favorite bread. Make sure that every square inch is covered. Remember to take the time to let your butter soften before spreading it on. Take one of your pieces of buttered bread and put it on the pan buttered side down. A light sizzling is an indication of good temperature control. Then start to place down your cheeses. Any cheese will do! A recommended flavor combination is provolone and cheddar for a classic taste, or mozzarella and gruyere for a rich treat. Add your other piece of bread, butter side up. Leave you sandwich alone until you can see that your cheese has melted. This’ll making flipping easier. Once your cheese has melded to both pieces of bread, it’s time to flip. Get your best spatula ready and take a deep breath before inverting your masterpiece. Wait another minute or two so your sandwich can brown. And voila! You have the best accessory for your afternoon of scary movies and pumpkin picking.

Golden crust? Stretchy cheese? What else could you want on a cold autumn afternoon?

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Why Your Grilled Cheese Isn’t Up to Par