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Frame from “It’s the Great pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” released in 1966, only 25 minutes long. This frame features Charlie Brown, his little sister Sally Brown, and the shadow of their dog Snoopy.

Halloween On Your T.V.

Claire Gray, Staff Writer
November 3, 2023
 A sketch of the four new legendary Pokémon introduced in the DLC. In the center is the Mask Pokémon Ogerpon, top left is Munkidori, top right is Okidogi and the bottom left is Fezandipiti

Unveiling the Teal Mask

Chris Benjamin, Staff Writer
October 23, 2023
The Love Letter

The Love Letter

Owen Cress, Guest Columnist
September 29, 2023
Despite launching a week after summer began, Honeydew has stayed in my rotation for one and a half months now. Overall, it is reminiscent of other great works in the hip-hop/pop genres like Frank Oceans Blonde or Tylers IGOR but specific to the season. Additionally, Honeydew currently remains Biking With Francis sole project and has a surprising amount of various other reviews online for a band with such a small following. 

Honeydew | EP Review

Noel Castillo, Editor in Chief
August 13, 2023
Schooling in other countries is quite different from American Schooling. From starting to ending school, Spain and Italy have different practices. Thanks to our senior exchange students this year, we have been given a closer look into how their schooling years will end.

International Education

Mia Tocco, Staff Writer
May 22, 2023
The collage is comprised of the actual album cover (top right) as well as three other singles featured on the album. In the top left is Return of the Corpse, the bottom left is Shameless Gorillas and the bottom right is Guerilla Warfare. Guerilla Warfare is not actually a song on the project; instead, the lyrics on the song are featured in a track by a different name.

Tragedy of a Clown | EP Review

Noel Castillo, Editor in Chief
January 20, 2023
Many were hoping for a great sequel to the childhood favorite, “Enchanted” (2007). However, many may end up turning their TV off with disappointment. “Disenchanted” (2022) is now available on Disney+.

“Disenchanted” Movie Review

Anastasia Gobot, Opinions Editor
December 4, 2022
Homecoming: Interviews

Homecoming: Interviews

Anastasia Gobot, Opinions Editor
November 3, 2022
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