Basketball Season Has Begun

Stella Bordone, Staff Member
January 30, 2023

Last season, the boys basketball team ended with an overall record of 15 wins and 8 losses. After the team lost last year in the region semi-finals to North Point, they are eager to make it further. Losing top players like Declan Fox, Anthony Bocchetta, and Bryce Stevenson could put the team in tough positions, but junior Liam Cleary is confident they will succeed.   “We lost a lot of...

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Fan Edits: The Backbone of Popular Culture

Anastasia Gobot, Opinions Editor
January 26, 2023

Pop culture exists because of mass appeal. Fan edits, if done well, can increase mass appeal for anything and anyone. They’re everywhere. TikTok, Instagram and YouTube are saturated with fan edits. It should be no surprise that they have a lot of power over the media preferences of young people. Fan edits are short videos made to share appreciation for popular figures in media among other fans...

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Mia Tocco, Staff Writer
January 21, 2023

Medovik: Ingredients: “Cake” layer ingredients: ¼ cup honey 3 eggs 2 tbsp butter 3 cups flour 1 tsp baking soda ½ cup sugar “Frosting” Ingredients 30 ounces sour cream 1 cup heavy cream 1 ½ cup powdered sugar Directions: Cake: Beat eggs together with a fork and set aside. Melt together butter, sugar and honey together in a saucepan over low-medium heat. After melted, remove from heat. Add in eggs and mix constantly. Add baking...

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The Talon

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Fan edits are shared on just about every social media platform out there. These videos appeal to young people for their aesthetics and content. They stimulate emotions in fans and pique the interest of outsiders.
Fan Edits: The Backbone of Popular Culture
Anastasia Gobot, Opinions Editor
The collage is comprised of the actual album cover (top right) as well as three other singles featured on the album. In the top left is Return of the Corpse, the bottom left is Shameless Gorillas and the bottom right is Guerilla Warfare. Guerilla Warfare is not actually a song on the project; instead, the lyrics on the song are featured in a track by a different name.
Tragedy of a Clown | EP Review
2023 Student-Curated Winter Playlist
2023 Student-Curated Winter Playlist
Isabella Joyce, Staff Writer
Many were hoping for a great sequel to the childhood favorite, “Enchanted” (2007). However, many may end up turning their TV off with disappointment. “Disenchanted” (2022) is now available on Disney+.
“Disenchanted” Movie Review
Anastasia Gobot, Opinions Editor
The photo is a screenshot from the official Loneliness music video, where Cameron Lew (Ginger Root) performs a song that quitting artist Kimiko is originally supposed to sing. The year is 1983, Ginger Root is asked to write and produce songs for up-and-coming Japanese Idol, Kimimo Takeguchi. Right before Kimiko’s America Debut, she quits, leaving her manager to make the last minute decision of having Ginger Root perform in her place since he knows all the songs, Genius contributor Tappeh and  said. By coincidence, a new star is born.
"Nisemono - EP" by Ginger Root; Project Review
Noel Castillo, Features Editor
She started her career during the pandemic and now Laufey is revitalizing jazz for Gen-Z. Her popularity shows no signs of stopping. Tickets for her “Everything I Know About Love” Tour are available now.
Rising Modern Jazz Artist Announces Her Next Tour
Anastasia Gobot, Staff Writer
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