The Love Letter

Owen Cress, Guest Columnist
September 29, 2023

Hey there, Talon readers! The Love Letter is back.  I hope you all are getting excited for Homecoming season! I know I certainly am. However, Homecoming comes with its own set of not-so-lovely problems. I’ll try my best to answer the pressing predicaments that seem to plague us. How do I ask my crush to Homecoming? When you think of asking people to Homecoming, your mind probably jumps to the...

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August Print Issue

Noel Castillo, Editor in Chief
September 6, 2023

August 2023

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Honeydew | EP Review

Noel Castillo, Editor in Chief
August 13, 2023

PEARLS The project opens with "PEARLS", a mystical introduction about both the tangible and immaterial versions of pearls. The song starts off on the subject of the tangible form - the jewelry one wears around their neck - which later ties in with the more abstract theme of how people are pearls by the end of the song. Bet she want to steal my jewelry Lie and say she borrowed it Saw the words was...

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Despite launching a week after summer began, Honeydew has stayed in my rotation for one and a half months now. Overall, it is reminiscent of other great works in the hip-hop/pop genres like Frank Oceans Blonde or Tylers IGOR but specific to the season. Additionally, Honeydew currently remains Biking With Francis sole project and has a surprising amount of various other reviews online for a band with such a small following. 
Honeydew | EP Review
Noel Castillo, Editor in Chief
The Netflix adaptation of Heartstopper released on April 22nd 2023. The show has over 23.95 million hours watched on Netflix.
Elsa Webster, Staff Writer
Colten Billings(far left), Liam Sherr(center), Braden Main(above), and Kasey Davolio(far right) in the process of setting up for their second show at Fort Armistead. Billings sets up his bass amp with a member of band Lowlife Tea Party, while Sherr uses a skateboard deck to check the generator and sound on his end.
I really like how were playing shows with these bigger bands that weve seen before and who we love. And theyre always really nice to us; everyone in the scene is supportive, I think mostly because were a new band of teenagers, we get cool points for it, Billings said.
A Guide to the Start of Pariah's Career
Noel Castillo, Features Editor
Valentines Day Special w/ Dr. Love
Valentine's Day Special w/ Dr. Love
Owen Cress, Guest Columnist
Fan edits are shared on just about every social media platform out there. These videos appeal to young people for their aesthetics and content. They stimulate emotions in fans and pique the interest of outsiders.
Fan Edits: The Backbone of Popular Culture
Anastasia Gobot, Opinions Editor
The collage is comprised of the actual album cover (top right) as well as three other singles featured on the album. In the top left is Return of the Corpse, the bottom left is Shameless Gorillas and the bottom right is Guerilla Warfare. Guerilla Warfare is not actually a song on the project; instead, the lyrics on the song are featured in a track by a different name.
Tragedy of a Clown | EP Review

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