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The Student News Site of Severna Park High School

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The Student News Site of Severna Park High School

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Don’t Swim with Nessie

Maggie Manis, Staff Writer
May 9, 2024
Kendrick Lamar’s most recent song in Drake and Lamar’s rap battle is “Not Like Us”, the cover shows a satellite view of Drake’s mansion with red icons, implying that Drake’s home is filled with pedophiles and registered sex offenders. The picture corresponds with the song because Lamar is accusing Drake of being a pedophile by saying lines such as, “Tryna strike a chord and its probably A-Minor”, and “certified loverboy, certified pedophiles”.

Where did the Beef Come from?

Miana Tocco, Photo and Graphics Editor
May 6, 2024
An artistic interpretation of how watching and participating in sports creates a sense of eustress. This feeling is the scientific reason why people are so infatuated with sports and sports entertainment.

Go Team

Elsa Webster, Opinions Editor
April 24, 2024
Max Leonards manager as well as Founder & Talent Manager of Mad Lettuce Management Matt Ladis personally contacted me and shared early access of JUDO!. Additionally, I received access to the press release and some of Leonards own thoughts on his project.  “This project was me getting everything off my chest. I had a lot of changes happening in my life all around me. I had just gotten out of a relationship, I was graduating college, everything just kind of flipped for me. There was a time I wasn’t even making music during that time of change. But eventually, I found my way back and let this project be all the expressed feelings I had kept inside, Leonard said.

JUDO! – EP Review

Noel Castillo, Editor in Chief
April 16, 2024
Charlie, being adorable and playing with his toy keys.

Bilingual in Bunny

Maggie Manis, Staff Writer
March 14, 2024
Snowboarding doesnt have to be a solo activity, going with friends and family can make it all the more enjoyable. Severna Park High School seniors Hamzah Hassan, Derrick Liu, Eric Chu and Ian Ireland

Snowboarding vs. Skiing

Ian Ireland, Staff Writer
March 8, 2024
An image of the Ultimate Piggy Bank, it is a metal box and to unlock its contents, a hammer or tool is needed.

How To Save Money

Anna Reilly, Features Editor
February 27, 2024
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