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Why Your Grilled Cheese Isn’t Up to Par

Rachel Lotlikar, Photo Editor

December 5, 2017

Filed under Opinion

As the temperatures lower and the lattes come out, you may find yourself reaching for some comfort food. Not everyone can make fried chicken or baked mac and cheese on a moment’s notice, but you can still satisfy your decadent...

Looking for something fun to do this weekend?

May 24, 2017

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Too many weekends we have found ourselves looking to our friends and asking the dreaded question: “what do you want to do?” With the weather heating up and the plants re-emerging from their winter hibernation, it’s a gr...

How to be Environmentally Conscious this Spring

April 6, 2017

Filed under The Talon Archive

We all call ourselves environmentally smart, but with all the recent events regarding our Earth’s well-being and Earth day coming up quickly, here are some easy tips you can follow to help make a healthier planet. ...

Problems in a Mug

March 7, 2017

Filed under The Talon Archive

Coffee has become the alternative to sleep, with teens beginning to turn to in order to jumpstart their hectic days- but what does this increasing amount of coffee consumption really mean for teenagers who lack proper sleep? A...

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