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Over the course of a couple years, the idea of “Girl Math gained traction on Tik Tok, as many girls explained their way through their spending habits, rationalizing it by calling it “Girl Math.” While every persons’ definition of “Girl Math” is different, the general idea is the same, rationalizing spending or lack of spending.

Navigating “Girl Math”

Mia Tocco, Photo and Graphics Editor
February 16, 2024

[Photo] February Print Issue

Noel Castillo, Editor in Chief
February 17, 2024
An example of a Chinese Lunar New Year red envelope, reading happy new year. Throughout the Lunar New Year, older people also give money or gifts to the younger generations. The gifts often come wrapped in red and it is very common to give money in red envelopes. The envelopes are usually adorned with gold and the corresponding year’s animal, this year, the envelopes will have dragons on them. Graphic created using Canva by Mia Tocco.

Procuring a Lucky 2024

Mia Tocco, Photo and Graphic Editor
January 23, 2024

[Photo] October Print

Noel Castillo, Editor in Chief
January 8, 2024
Schooling in other countries is quite different from American Schooling. From starting to ending school, Spain and Italy have different practices. Thanks to our senior exchange students this year, we have been given a closer look into how their schooling years will end.

International Education

Mia Tocco, Staff Writer
May 22, 2023

Warm Winter Recipes-Medovik

Mia Tocco, Staff Writer
January 21, 2023
Homecoming: Interviews

[Video] Homecoming: Interviews

Anastasia Gobot, Opinions Editor
November 3, 2022
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