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The Last 11 Seconds

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Since the establishment of the Severna Park High School girls lacrosse, the program has won 13 state championship titles, and had another opportunity to bring home another title on May 23. The girls were set to play at Stevenson University against Bel Air High School at 8 p.m..

When arriving at the school, the girls’ were blaring music from a speaker brought by one of the teammates, getting everyone excited to play. By the start of the game every player and coach was ready for Severna Park to run on the field, dog-pile on the goalie, and claim their 4A Conference State Championship title.

When the first whistle blew, the draw went up, and Alex Miller, sophomore-midfielder,  had won the ball. No more than 6 minutes later, Claire Domshick, senior-midfielder, had scored the first goal in the 4A State Conference game. The team was elated to say the least; the teammates along the bench jumped for joy, the coaches were roaring for the girls, and the fans in the stand were doing victory dances. “It was the best feeling ever; everyone on the sideline was screaming in joy,” said Selah Tatum, junior-defender. Thus setting the pace for the rest of the game.

For the rest of the half, the score fluctuated between both teams. Towards the middle of the half, the score was 3-2 with Severna Park in the lead. At the end of the half, the score was 6-5 with Bel Air taking the spotlight away from Severna Park.

When the second half hit, the score was inconsistent; the score would go back and forth between Bel Air and Severna Park. Leaving the score at a draw, 8 to 8, with 5 minutes left on the clock. With 4:45 to go, Domshick scores pulling the team to 9-8. Both teams anxiously waiting for the game to close, at minute 2:12 Bel Air scored, coming once again to a tie between the two schools. Down to the seconds, Bel Air shot and was deflected by senior-goalie, Amanda Rumsey. With only 11 seconds left on the clock, Bel Air picked up the rebound, shot, and scored. At the final draw of the game, Bel Air won the ball and just held it until the clock ran out. Bel Air High School won the 4A Conference State Championship Girl’s Lacrosse game.

Severna Park girls defeated. While the bobcats were cheering, the falcons, with their head down and a couple of girls crying, walked off the field in heartbreak. “It was the last 11 seconds that really stunned everyone,” said Kate Bray, sophomore-defender, “together as a team we all came together and the energy that we had during the game had disappeared.” Along in heartbreak, it

Bel Air High School devastates Severna Park with a heart breaker goal with 11 seconds left. Although the team put in valuable effort, they just couldn’t pull out a win. “It was hard to watch everyone on the other team scream in joy when I knew we had just lost in playoffs for a second year in a row,” said sophomore-midfielder, Brooke Atcheson. Photo by Shelby Chasser


was the seniors last chance to bring home another state title.

Although the very last game for seniors ended in disappointment, the wanted to keep their heads high for the rest of the team, showing strong leadership. Agreed was Katie Defeo, senior-attacker, when she announced to the team on the bus ride home “Nothing to be sad about. We had a great year.” Molly Carr, senior-defender, also announced to the team “It’s okay guys, you can smile.”

“Some things didn’t end up going our way,” stated head coach Kaitlyn Hines, “Unfortunately you can’t control the officials. [But] it was a well-fought game on both ends, so, very proud.”

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The Last 11 Seconds