Valentine’s Day

The holiday of love.


Elsa Webster

Roses, the flower of love, are a popular gift on Valentine’s day. During Valentine’s Day people can be seen giving these flowers as gifts to their loved ones.

Elsa Webster, Staff Writer

From a young age, we are made aware of the significance of February 14th, Valentine’s Day. This holiday has been a part of our lives for some time. But whether or not it is considered a holiday depends on the person you ask. 

“It’s a day to celebrate and spend with your loved ones, especially. I mean as you would spend Christmas with your family you spend Valentine’s day with your loved one,” Senior Michael Kaub said. 

The meaning of this day can vary. 

“I think it’s something that is personal to everyone. Just based on how much they care about being perceived by other people,” Junior Bella Webster said. Being alone on Valentine’s Day can affect someone. Societal pressures can make you feel judged. But being with someone on this holiday can make you feel special. 

Society can also influence how individuals experience Valentine’s Day.

“Our society really values Valentine’s Day because they really want people to be in relationships,” Webster said. 

These societal pressures can especially affect the importance of Valentine’s Day to younger people.

“I think it’s very important. You know. We’re always being conditioned to be in relationships, especially women,” Webster said. This conditioning can also feed insecurities. “I definitely think it feeds on the insecurities of single women in particular because like I said women are very conditioned to be in relationships and be focused on love.”

Webster’s opinion about young people and love is shared by freshman Rio Miguez.

“I feel like it’s important for younger people to have people they love, not necessarily romantic love but family, obviously and friends. I feel like if you don’t have that, that’s going to affect you pretty largely,” Miguez said. 

Love, like Valentine’s Day, has a meaning that can vary based on the person.

“What is love? I think it’s just the spiritual connection that two people have together that overcomes pretty much anything. Any obstacles, any mental and all that,” Kaub said. 

Love can be anything from being in a romantic relationship with someone to loving your family and your friends. Valentine’s Day, like love, could be for more than just romantic relationships. 

“I feel like it shouldn’t just be romantic relationships getting all the attention,” Miguez said.

Love and Valentine’s Day are not limited to only people in romantic relationships. Love comes into life in various ways. 

“I think familial and platonic love is even more important than romantic love because if you don’t have anyone in your family or any friends that love you, then what do you have? Like you’re going to be alone,” Webster said.