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Five Haunted Places That Will Get You In The Halloween Spirit

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Antietam National Battlefield

Maybe not the best place to lift your spirits, Antietam Battlefield is supposedly filled with the ghosts of soldiers lost in the famous battle in 1862. Many people have reported hearing phantom gunshots, shouting, drumbeats and war songs. People have even reported watching what they thought was to be a reenactment just to have the actors disappear before their eyes. It would definitely make it up to one of the most haunted places in Maryland.


The Maryland Inn

Located just around the corner in Annapolis, The Maryland Inn is one of the oldest operating hotels in the country. A lady with long dark hair and a black dress, a civil war soldier singing and a bride are all some of the people spotted at this hotel. Perfect for one night cryptid hunting or just to relax, the Maryland Inn could offer a ghostly experience you won’t soon forget.


Witch’s Tree

Not exactly a place but more of a haunted object, the witch’s tree in Whaleyville, Maryland is known for strange experiences. For example, many people have experienced chills, seen strange orbs of light, and heard screaming by this gnarled old tree. It is rumored that this tree was used to hang witches. You might want to visit this tree in the daytime, the nighttime sure wouldn’t help the creep factor.


Point Lookout State Park

Point Lookout State Park is similar to Antietam Battlefield in the sense that both spots had a part in a war and are both supposedly haunted. Point Lookout was a Civil War prison camp and has a frequent visitor in the form of a ghost civil soldier. He has been seen leaning in a doorframe and around the park.



Found in Baltimore, the USCGC Taney is the only surviving combat ship from Pearl Harbor and was attacked by kamikaze pilots during World War II 119 times. Since it has an extensive history, it’s no wonder that this ship is called haunted. Voices have been heard over the non-operable speaker system and a former crewman has been seen roaming the ship. Tours of this ship are readily available, so if you need a dose a ghost this place was made for you!

This pair of ghost hunting pals are having the time of their lives watching out for the paranormal. These places listed are some of the top notch ghost hunting spots in Maryland.

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Five Haunted Places That Will Get You In The Halloween Spirit