Focus Pocus

It can be hard to focus with the electronic learning situation, here are some tips that could help.


Julia Owens

To-do lists are an important part of staying organized and stay focused during school work.

Julia Owens, Staff Writer

If you have ADHD or trouble focusing in general E-learning can be very difficult. As someone who has ADHD and procrastinates until the last second. ADHD is when someone finds it challenging to stop or control behaviors and it is difficult for them to keep their focus when there are many distractions.


  • Make a schedule 

Make a schedule and stick to it. Children and adults with focusing disorders need to have a schedule because it helps create routines for them to follow. If you do a quick google search there are hundreds of articles about how important schedules are to people with ADHD. My schedule is usually this…

9:15 AM: Wake up and eat breakfast

10:00-11:30 AM: Do school work

12:00 PM:  Eat lunch and go outside for a little bit

12:30- 4:00 PM:  Free time

6:00 PM: Eat dinner then watch a movie or call my friends

10:30 or 11 PM:  Go to bed

  • Space things out and make a plan

Most assignments are due on Sunday night, so spread the due dates out. I try to do one subject a day, and some days I do two a day. If you treat the dates that you make up as the due date, it makes it a little harder to procrastinate 

  • Write things down

Make to-do list, if you see the things you need to do it makes it easier to track your progress. If you check things off of a list you may feel excited or more motivated.

  • Avoid Multitasking to Stay Focused

If you try to focus on too many things you may become flustered and stressed.

  • Exercise

Studies have shown that exercise and movement in general helps to improve brain function. I make sure to go outside and toss around a football or go on a walk at least once a day.

  • Have a way to calm down and release stress

Some people watch Netflix or play on their phones. I read or write when I am stressed out. Even though we are supposed to be socially distancing that doesn’t mean we can’t call our friends. 

Even if you don’t have ADHD or a focusing disorder these tips may be able to help you out. The good news for some people is that the online learning situation is only temporary. Just hang in there and try to stay positive, soon enough we will be able to see our friends again and that is one good thing.