Mr. Brisentine: New Teacher to SPHS (Music Department)

Leaving Kentucky to return to AACPS after earning his graduate degree in Choral Conducting, to teach at SPHS.


Ava Stanski

Photo taken at Chesapeake High School where Mr. Brisentine worked in the music department before departing to purse his graduate degree. He has returned to AACPS and is the new chorus director at SPHS,

Zach McGrath, Staff Writer

Mr. Brisentine has returned to AACPS after completing his graduated degree at the University of Kentucky.  He is the newest member of the Music Department at Severna Park High School.
Is there anything you would like students to know about you?
I think I’m fun! If there’s any part of you that likes music, singing, or having aawesome time in class, please consider joining choir. I’d love to meet you!
Why did you become an educator?
I’ve wanted to be a music educator since I was a sophomore in high school. I love what music can do for someone regardless of whether they pursue it after high school or not. Music classrooms are a great place to make friends, have long term goals that better the choral community and oneself, and up your energy for the day. So I wanted to try to lead a choral program and give kids the same passion that I luckily received in high school.
Is this your first year of teaching?
Nope, I taught at Chesapeake High for 3.5 years and then was a Teaching Assistant at the University of Kentucky while getting my graduate degree in Choral Conducting.
Why did you decide to become a teacher at Severna Park High School?
Severna Park ROCKS. SPHS is one of the top 10 schools in all of Maryland and is the best high school in AACPS. I applied on a whim and when I received the job, I was over the moon. Also, I love that the chorus room has windows. That’s a major blessing.
Who is your greatest inspiration?
My mom. She slays the game day and night.
What do you teach?
I teach Chorus 1-4, Vocal Ensemble, Piano 1-4, and GCC
What do you do outside of school?
I’m a pretty big nerd. I love reading, playing video games (especially with my friends online), and going on hikes. I also like eating. A lot. Most importantly, I have a dog named Vivi who is my everything. She’s aangel sent from heaven.
Do you have a family here in the area?
I do! My parents live in Pasadena and my two brothers live in the area as well. It’s nice to have family nearby, especially in these crazy pandemic times.