Ms. Kintzley joins the Math Department at SPHS

A seasoned educator, Ms. Kintzley has taught at Severna Park Middle School.


Ms. Rishert

Ms. Kintzley joins the SPHS math department.

Grayson Clapperton, Staff Writer

What made you decide to be an educator? Did someone or something inspire you?
I started teaching in 1993 when I graduated with a degree in mathematics from Texas A&M University.  A third-generation math major and teacher, I’ve always enjoyed math and love helping others understand it better.  I was inspired most by my high school calculus teacher who was elected Teacher of the Year for the state of Texas the year I was in his class.
Is this your first year of being a teacher? 
I began teaching high school in Houston, TX and then taught in Florida and Mississippi while my husband went through pilot training with the US Navy.  I stepped back from teaching to raise our three daughters, and then in 2006 I suffered a massive heart attack which left me living with a mechanical heart pump.  After years of regaining my strength I returned to the classroom at Severna Park Middle School in 2012.  I taught with the support of the mechanical heart pump (worn in a small backpack on my back) until 2016 when I received a heart transplant.  That year I stepped back from teaching and returned the following year.
What made you want to come to SPHS What do you teach?
I have longed to get back to teaching high school, specifically at SPHS for many years.   An interesting and exciting side note is that this year I am getting to teach a few of the students I missed at the middle school the year I had the heart transplant.
What do you do outside of school? Do you have a family here in the area?
I have two daughters, Greta and Izzy, who have graduated from SPHS, and a third daughter, Claire, is a senior this year.  I have seen first-hand the high-caliber education they have received at SPHS, and I’m excited to now be part of this dedicated and knowledgeable faculty.  As an educator, parent, and community member, I care deeply about the education and well-being of Severna Park students.