Mr. Gorrick takes a seat in the Science Department

A Severna Park local, Mr. Gorrick comes to the SPHS Science Department starting his 16th year of teaching.



Mr. Gorrick starts his 16th year of teaching in the SPHS Science Department.

Anna Kate Campbell, Staff Writer

What made you decide to be an educator? Did someone or something inspire you? 

I have always like school and teaching others about stuff/how to do things.


Is this your first year of teaching? 

No. This is year 16 for me. 


What made you want to come to SPHS? 

It was closer to my house.  I live fairly close to SPHS. 


What do you teach? 

Environmental Science/Forensics 


What do you do outside of school? 

I like to go fishing, watch sports and spend time with my family.  


Do you have a family here in the area? 

 I have some in the immediate area but most of my family lives in Southern Maryland, which is actually where I am from.