Former Falcon returns to the nest to teach in the Math Department

Ms. Jang joins the SPHS Math Department.


Courtesy Ms. Jang

Ms. Jang was able to travel to Boston this summer with family. “After long hours of walking and touring around in the hot day, I came across a local coffee shop and asked for the sweetest iced coffee they served. The cup of coffee was one of the most refreshing I have ever had,” Jang said.

Hope Cipriano, Staff Writer

What do you teach? Is this your first year as a teacher? 

Foundations of College Algebra and Honors Algebra 2. This is my first year as a teacher! Although this is now I expected my first teaching experience to be, I’m happy and proud to be back at SPHS as a teacher. (I am a former student/graduate of SPHS)

What is your favorite part of being a teacher? 

Getting to teach the content I always loved and interacting with students and getting to know them while doing so.

Do you have any hobbies outside of school? 

I picked up on baking for the first time during quarantine, and it officially became a hobby. I can proudly say I bake some tastey coffee buns!

What was something memorable that happened to you over the summer? 

I took a trip to Boston with my loved ones. It was during a time when many places were starting to reopen and restrictions were getting loosened. To be more safe, we decided to drive there ourselves rather than take a plane. We thought the 8-hour car ride would be very exhausting, but we ended up having an exciting ride, playing games, eating a ton of snacks, and bonding together.

Do you have any family in the area? 

I live with my immediate family in Severna Park.