Free Tutoring and Homework Help

The Anne Arundel County Public School system is providing free tutoring during virtual learning.


Julia Owens

In high school many books are given out and used. Some books are online, but most textbooks and books for school are still physical books. Books like math textbooks have teaching examples in them, but sometimes you need some extra help from a teacher.

Julia Owens, Staff Writer

The first quarter will be ending on Nov. 12 and 13. On these days, students will only be going to their first and second-period classes.

As the end of the first quarter is getting closer there can be a rush to bring grades up. A good way to do that is to get a good grade on the quarterlies and to do redos for tests or quizzes that you didn’t do great on. 

Tutoring can be expensive, but the AACPS system is providing tutoring for free. The tutoring is done in groups. It is also in place so students can have a place to get homework help. The instructions to access tutoring and school help are on the AACPS website.

SPHS is also providing flex learning time during the school day. This allows students to work with a teacher or have a little more time to work on that class’s work. With flex learning time you can drop in for a few minutes or the whole time. The teachers all have office hours, to use office hours you do have to reach out to your teacher. Office hours are usually used for retaking tests or quizzes, they are also used for meeting with teachers in a more private setting.

The implementation of the hybrid model in the second semester will continue to be contingent on the meeting of health and safety metrics.”

— Board of Education, Press Release

Resources provided by SPHS and the school system are continuing to evolve. There were plans for the younger students to start hybrid learning later this month, but the Board of Education for the county announced that they are postponing plans to begin hybrid learning. They made this decision because there has been a spike in coronavirus cases in Anne Arundel county. “The implementation of the hybrid model in the second semester will continue to be contingent on the meeting of health and safety metrics,” the board said in a press release Thursday morning.