Netflix show “Julie and the Phantoms” is a binge worthy show that the whole family can enjoy.

New show “Julie and the Phantoms” follows Julie and her three new ghost friends as they create music together, becoming a popular rising band.


Courtesy of NetFlix

New Netflix show “Julie and the Phantoms” is a great show about a teenage girl named Julie and her three new ghost friends who all create music together while she is navigating her life through high school. The show takes place in California where the band played different venues together in order to complete their unfinished business. The stars, Madison Reyes, Charlie Gillespie, Owen Joyner, and Jeremy Shada create a friendship that you are able to see on and off screen. 

Amanda von Diezelski, Staff Writer

“Julie and the Phantoms,” a reboot of “Julie e os Fantasmas” is yet another great show that has come from Kenny Ortega, the director of “High School Musical,” “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,” “The Cheetah Girls” and many other classic movies and TV shows. Each of these shows or movies from Disney are amazing and “Julie and the Phantoms” is no different!

“Julie and the Phantoms” follows a teenage girl named Julie, played by Madison Reyes, who has almost lost her passion for music after her mom died, until three teenage ghosts named Luke, Alex, and Reggie, appear after years of being dead. As they create their band and start to perform at venues, they have to deal with many problems such as their ex-bandmate who is still alive and another ghost who is adamant at sending them back to the dead. This binge-worthy show has fantastic music, which has over 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify,  choreography that connects you to the characters and also has a forbidden young love. The characters are able to make you laugh one minute then cry your eyes out the next.  An article from “Seventeen Magazine” said, “But it’s the storylines of love and loss that will tug at your heartstrings the most and make you cry as you sing along with the songs” when describing “Julie and the Phantoms” and put the show on it’s list of best TV comedies of 2020.

As a high schooler first looking at this show, it seemed to be for a younger audience however after the first episode it is impossible to stop watching the first season because of how relatable yet magical it is. It currently has nine episodes in the first season and is great to watch if you want something relaxing yet exciting.

The show has also captivated many other teenagers and young adults as the actors have become very popular, many even reached over 1 million followers on Instagram a couple days after the show was released. This show is rated an 8.4 on IMDb, 93% on rotten tomatoes, and is expected to be renewed for a season two on Netflix very soon. I would recommend this show to anyone who enjoys music, dancing and comedy-dramas.