“Fine Line” by Harry Styles: An Album Review

An Honest Review Of Harry Styles Second Album


Photo Courtesy Insider Magazine.=

Harry Styles at his pop-up concert in Inglewood, California. This concert was held as a celebration to debut his newest album, “Fine Line.” The concert hosted around 17,000 people and was completely sold out. 

Claire Procida, Staff Writer

“Put a price on emotion, I’m looking for something to buy.” The opening words to the musical masterpiece that is “Fine Line.” As the whole album is so amazing, the last song had pressure and Harry Styles, a musical genius, made it happen.

Harry Styles is a pretty well known artist, mainly from the boyband he was in named One Direction. The five boys were put into a group on “The X-Factor” and stayed together after the show ended. One Direction wrote five-albums and went on five world tours in six years. It was a lot to handle and Simon Cowell and his management pushed them a little too hard. Then, in 2015, they broke up and all of the boys started making their own music. About two years after One Direction, Styles released his debut album “HS1.” Then released “Fine Line” two years later.

If you are looking for an album with a different song to match every mood, “Fine Line” is the way to go. From the upbeat sound of “Canyon Moon,” to the guitar riff at the end of She, then to the sad trumpets in Fine Line.- This album will take you through a roller coaster of emotions, good and bad. 

Harry Styles is a very wealthy man, he likes to travel and has multiple houses, one in LA and one somewhere in Italy. Over quarantine, Styles stayed in Italy and surprised us with a music video for his newest single, “Golden.” Since then, he has released another surprise music video for “Treat People With Kindness,” on January 1, 2021. As of right now Styles has made amazing music videos for 6/12 songs on the album and now there are rumors of another one on the way. Some people wonder if “Fine Line” will be a visual album.

Unlike many people who become wealthy and famous, Harry Styles has an amazing relationship with his mother and sister, Gemma. In the December 2020 Vogue magazine, Harry Styles did a photoshoot with Gemma. Styles talks about his family all the time and how they even influence some of his songs. 

As good an album as “Fine Line” is, Harry Styles debut album “HS1” is better. This is because he was able to express himself more on “HS1.” There is more of a diversity of songs. “HS1” has a little bit of everything, soft rock, traditional pop and more. Every song is different and has a completely different story. “Fine Line” is a little more mainstream and was influenced more by management then “HS1” was. Nevertheless, both are amazing albums.

I would 100% recommend listening to “Fine Line” if you want something a little more out there but also still pop or if you ever liked One Direction. “Fine Line” is available wherever you listen to music, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.