“Hollywood’s Bleeding,” Album Review

Austin Post, a popular rap artist released an album early 2019, it topped many charts and even went on tour to display the album to many countries.



Post Malone on stage at a Washington D.C. stadium singing his latest album named “Hollywood’s Bleeding.” He went on tour to gain publicity for his new album, he also debuted his new tour merch that sold out very quickly. He had a show in Maryland on Feb 27, which featured Tyla Yaweh and Swae Lee. 

Ingrid Wells, Staff Writer

The “Hollywood’s Bleeding” album is amazing, it was a smashing success all across the world. Post Malone is a popular rapper in the United States, many say that he created a new category of music. His latest album was a huge success, the songs in the playlist were all good and different. As a result of his skill level that he showed in his 2019 album he won many awards such as the Billboard Music Award for top artist, top male, and top hot 100 award. Post Malone’s new album was a success because he took the album on tour all over the world, he got one of his songs featured in a Spiderman movie, as well as winning many awards

The “Hollywood’s Bleeding” tour flourished in popularity because of his stage presence and gifted voice. He had included other artists such as Drake, Swae Lee and Tyla Yaweh that brought a huge following to his showcases. The tour had food and drinks available as well as merchandise open to purchase for the public. During the show he had fireworks and flames surrounding the stage, this created tons of excitement from the eager crowd. Overall the tour had great ratings from the fans and he received lots of positive feedback from the songs that were sung from the new album.

“Sunflower,”which features Swae Lee, was the most popular song in the “Hollywood’s Bleeding” album. This family-friendly song quickly gained popularity and even was featured in the newest Spiderman movie. The chorus of the song is “then you’re left in the dust unless I 

stuck by ya, you’re the sunflower.” Post Malone made sure to include songs with lyrics that are appropriate for his younger audience as well.

 Compared to other rap artists such as Travis Scott or DaBaby, Post Malone would be considered more appropriate and relatable. His lyrics make a deep connection with his audience, making him a lyrical rap artist.  

 The album altogether went platinum with the 2019 record of 365.4 million plus streams in just one week according to Billboard Records.  He broke several other records such as holding the most songs in the Billboard Top 100 songs chart. Adding onto this success he received several awards, some of these awards include the American Music Award for Favorite Album Rap/Hip-Hop and The Billboard Music Award for Top Rap Album. 

To sum up the  success of the “Hollywood’s Bleeding album,” it was featured on Post Malone’s worldwide tour, broke many records, and was given a platinum title. The album is great and is still available on all music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora.