Season 2 of “The Mandalorian” review

After the impact and love for the first season, how has one of the most beloved shows on Disney+ bounced back?


Calvin Winship

Jon Favreau hits again with the second season of “The Mandalorian.” When season 2 dropped Oct. 30, 2020 on Disney+, fans fell instantly in love with characters that were recognizable for fans of the Clone Wars TV show. Also, a new innovative way used to film the environments of “The Mandalorian” exceled and immersed you in the Star Wars world.

Calvin Winship, Staff Writer

After season one of The Mandalorian released with the debut Disney+, Star Wars fans fell in love with the characters and the world that director Jon Favreau had built. High expectations were rising for season two. These expectations were strongly met with the release of the second season. Along with bringing in new characters, they brought in many fan favorites. Also, a new innovative way used to film the environments of “The Mandalorian excels in immersing you in the Star Wars world. Although it contains some problems, season two of this already great show brings this show and Star Wars as a whole to new heights.

One of season two’s innovations in film and TV shows is the introduction and use of Stagecraft. Stagecraft is a new virtual production tool used to film season two that uses the latest innovations in real time graphics. Using dynamic led lights, entire locations of the Star Wars universe are able to be brought into a soundstage and photographed and filmed live. By introducing this more immersive, controlled, and consistent filming method, this show is given movie level quality and an environment that the actors can be immersed in.

Along with the great cast of characters from season one, season two adds onto some that fans of the entire Star wars universe will love. Characters like Ahsoka Tano, from the Clone Wars TV show, let you know how this storyline with the Mandalorian, played by Rosario Dawson, and Baby Yoda fits in with the Skywalker Saga and other shows with it. This season has its fair share of twists and turns with some surprises scattered all along the road. If you are any kind of Star Wars fan, watching it all through to the final episode will be worth it. The plot follows where it left off in season one with Din Djarin trying to link Baby Yoda with his kind, the Jedi.

One issue that season two falls into is the same that season one fell into. It sticks with the eight episodes in a season but a lot of these are not necessary to the plot. Sometimes it feels like the plot is slowing down intentionally in some of these filler episodes. Even though they are still a joy to watch because of the endearing characters and world, they are very clearly there to fill runtime. About half of the episodes fall into this category, and while they do not feel like a roadblock, they feel like a slow area of storytelling.

But the main question is, does it live up to the show’s first season? And at least to me, it exceeds this mark. Although it has the same issues as the first season, filler episodes and some clichés, it exceeds in connection to the Star Wars universe and the character that it brings in. These are recognizable by fans and their backstory and personalities have already been explored. Also, when the plot driven episodes do come around, they are massive hits and are some of the best in the show.

This hugely successful show that helped grow Disney+ has taken its second biggest leap and landed. The combination of the new filming technology and great direction by Jon Favreau excelled this season past expectations. Even the filler episodes that were clearly there to full time seem directed with heart and love for Star Wars. I am looking forward to the release of season three, which has not been hindered by the pandemic because of Stagecraft and the lack of needed travel. Huge Star Wars fans and TV show enjoyers alike, this season caters and puts up a great show for all.