A Look Into How Covid Has Affected Severna Park’s Rock N Roll

How are the Staff, Cast and Crew Making it All Work?


Ella Woodberry

The artwork on the poster for Severna Park’s Rock N Roll Revival XXXII: British Invasion was done by senior Ella Woodbury.

Tyler Engleman, Staff Writer

Severna Park High School’s (SPHS) spring production of Rock N Roll has been affected for the second year in a row because of COVID-19 with the county limiting in person practices and live audiences.  

Many roles and responsibilities have had to change due to this year’s abnormal circumstances.

“We are responsible for choreographing and teaching backup moves for the backup singers, which has been a little different than years past, because we have been choreographing for a virtual show” student leader Lucy Feldman said. “Because of that, we have to consider how choreography plays to a camera and it’s framing rather than a live audience.”

The directors noticed some difficulties as well with getting the entire cast on the same page.

It was difficult getting everyone to record their audio and videos with the correct backgrounds and uploading to our RnR Google Drive,” Drama Director Angela Germanos said.

Although as of now the show will be virtual, they have not given up on getting the cast together to film the show.

We are working with the administration on having an event to film everyone together for the show but it is subject to lots of safety regulations,” Germanos said. “We are coordinating with the administration on a viewing event in the community when the show is ready.

Many people are wondering where to purchase tickets.

We are not charging for tickets this year,” Germanos said. However, if you would like to support and help the program out, please go to  www.sphsdrama.com to become a patron of Rock N Roll and join the Rock N Roll Royalty.

Regardless of this year’s unusual situation, the cast says they definitely recommend others to try out for the show.

I would totally recommend it,” junior and singer Gus Bachman said. “Rock N Roll can give you a new perspective and is just all around a great time to spend doing the things you love.