The Scoop on Wish Week 

As Wish Week begins April, the leadership team is collecting donations through various activities to raise money for a local child. 


Sarah Smith, Livi Driver, Gus Bachmann, Henry Wright

Students at SPHS participate in Wish Week by attending restaurant nights, and wearing their spirit wear! By participating, students helped to raise over $21,000 and counting. “Having the opportunity to be a part of something much bigger than me has made me feel so much love for those who are in my life and those whose lives will be changed by the funds raised through Wish Week” Sarah Smith, junior at SPHS said.

Ginger Harrison, Staff Writer

The Leadership classes at Severna Park High School (SPHS) have partnered with the Mid-Atlantic Make a Wish Foundation to host a Wish Week the week of April 12-16.  Money raised will be used to grant a wish for a local child facing a critical illness.  

Mrs. Colon’s Leadership II class has powered through to plan an upcoming week as an opportunity to get involved with SPHS and change a child’s life. Since Wish Week is all virtual, activities and fundraising opportunities vary a little from years past which has presented some challenges whilst planning. 

Colon said that “It is definitely more difficult to plan Wish Week virtually, because it presents different challenges.  While we have fewer events to coordinate when virtual, it is hard to know the enthusiasm of students who aren’t in the room with me and harder to measure the energy around the building.” 

Although there have been some obstacles with planning Wish Week this year, it’s important to note that it will still be very easy to get involved with. 

Jimmy Miller, a student at SPHS, said “Wish Week will be super easy to get involved in. Like I said before we will have online games, restaurant nights, and spirit days. Participating in any of these will help us raise money and allow you to be a part of supporting a child and giving them their dream while they go through a lot of suffering.” 

The Leadership II class is working extremely hard to produce a Wish Week where it will be easy to get involved with and ultimately cultivate a positive impact on a child’s life. 

 “Helping students to plan and execute Wish Week annually has been one of the most meaningful aspects of my teaching career. Severna Park is unique in its dedication to the community, and it gets highlighted through events like Wish Week. I’m always awestruck and impressed to watch our school and community unite for Make-A-Wish and the families they support,” Colon said. “While Wish Week planning can feel like a lot of work for the students and for me, it is always worth it, and watching passion spread for such a worthy cause is incredibly inspiring” Colon said.