Mrs. Bertinattis Many Hobbies

Mrs. Bertinatti has two interesting hobbies, collecting seashells and dancing professionally.



Mrs. Bertinatti is a familiar face at SPHS, having worked here for almost 13 years as an AVID and GCC teacher. Her favorite thing about SPHS is how kind and conscientious the students are and how dedicated and fun the staff are. She also is not a fan of Starbucks, challenging the idea that all teachers like coffee from there.

Rachel Caspter, Staff Writer

In a classroom, Mrs. Bertinatti might seem like your average teacher. However, you might have more in common with her than you think. She danced for many years before becoming a teacher and collecting seashells. 

Dancing for Bertinatti started at a young age, and even today she finds herself using those skills.

“In my younger years I was an accomplished dancer. I still always play music and dance my way through making dinner” Bertinatti said.

But Bertinatti also loves the ocean — and in her several visits has created quite a collection of shells she has gathered and displays in her classroom. 

“I have a large seashell collection that I keep scattered all over the beaches of the world. Perhaps you’ve seen it” Bertinatti said.