Hobbies of an Severna Park Student

Amy Jacobs is an multi-talented student with many different hobbies that pursue her personality in many different ways.


Madison Davis

Amy Jacobs has made new friends and found new activities to do during our COVID-19 lockdown. Whether it is sports or a type of art, she has always pursued what she loved to do the most. Jacobs has found a love for running, music and baking.

Madison Davis, Staff Writer

Amy Jacobs is an average student at Severna Park High School with many different talents and hobbies. Jacobs has many hobbies that bring out her personality including running, music, baking and even helping out with a youth group at the church she attends. Some days she may even just sit around at home and play her flute or read a book or even just have a lazy day. 

Jacobs is a freshman and joined the cross country team this year, it was her first year running and found a lot of joy in it as she got to make to make new friends and while she at first despised running and did not like it, she now has a great time, running six days a week and is getting better everyday. 

¨Well I started to run last year¨ Jacobs said, ¨I used to despise it but having supportive and fun people to run with really increased my passion for it.”

Jacobs also found a new liking for helping people around in her community, she babysits often and loves to work with kids. Jacobs helps out with a youth group at the church she attends. She claims to really like it and it brings her a lot of joy being able to help with her community.

¨This was my first year I got to help lead youth group.! It is called Ignite and I got to help lead a group of middle school girls- it was so eye-opening. It brought me so much joy¨ Jacobs said, ¨I also love to do stuff that helps other people-it just keeps me less focused so much on myself and more on others.” 

Jacobs activities were only slightly affected by COVID-19, her music lessons were moved, her running season was postponed, but that never stopped her from having a good time with her friends and taking care of others.

¨It all worked out in the end and even though some of my hobbies like music and running had to be altered.¨ Jacobs said, ¨COVID-19 definitely has impacted the way I see my life, situations, and other people.”