Severna Park Football Goes Out in Style

A Look Into How Special The Shortened Season Really Was


Flynn Prengaman

In the Anne Arundel County fall sports make-up season, the Severna Park High School Football team went undefeated.

Tyler Engleman, Staff Writer

What did it mean to Severna Park football’s seniors to go undefeated in a season they thought they weren’t going to have?

Because of the pandemic, Severna Park High School didn’t know if they were going to be able to have a football season this year. This was very upsetting to the seniors as they knew a possible outcome. They may never get their senior season.

“Since I was five5 years old I’ve worked year round preparing, and dreaming of a senior season,” senior running back and safety Colin Shadowens said. “It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in my football career.” Shadowens described the feeling as heart breaking.

 In the meantime, the team competed in a flag football league to stay in shape and ready.

 “The team worked really hard in the offseason with hopes that we would have some sort of season,” senior wide receiver and cornerback Jimmy Patz said.

Those hopes would soon turn into reality when it was announced that the 2020 fall sports would be played in the spring of 2021.

“It was super relieving when I found out we were going to have a season because all of my hard work from years past wasn’t going to go to waste” senior cornerback and wide receiver Jack Peterson said.

The Falcon’s offseason work showed in the three game season as they went undefeated. Severna Park Football won, beating North County 27-6, Northeast 30-7 and Chesapeake 34-14.

“It was an awesome accomplishment,” Peterson said. “Severna Park football is turning into a great program. I think we have set a tone that SP football is not something to mess with. We had some great younger players who contributed so much on the team this year with Seamus Patenaude, James Henson, and Caleb Sartalamacchia so the team will be in good hands next year.”

Junior Ryan Harrington says they aren’t done just yet and still have a lot to prove.

“We have everything to prove this year coming up,” Harrington said. “Our team played amazing but we only played three 3 games so we couldn’t show all of our talent. Over the years to come we have to prove that we are a real competitor for county championships. We also need to prove to the seniors that they helped change the program and make our team better for the future.”