Supporting Small-Businesses in Severna Park

Severna Park is home to many small businesses and local shops. You may have seen them around, but do you know the importance of them?  


Ginger Harrison

There are countless small businesses in and around the Severna Park area. Supporting one may just change someone’s life and inspire others to do the same. “[Small businesses] are integrated into their community and by supporting them you support the community in which they preside,” Katie McKinstry, owner of Honeysuckle Quality Consignment, says. Photo courtesy of Katie McKinstry. 

Ginger Harrison, Staff Writer

Severna Park and nearby towns are surrounded by small businesses and local shops. Small businesses hold a special place in Severna Park’s heart and are extraordinarily important to support. They not only add to the community, but they also fuel people’s interests and inspire the world to pursue what they love. 

Severna Park is known for its small businesses and local-grown shops. However, you may not be familiar with some of the hidden gems that the community has to offer. “My advice to someone trying to support more local businesses is to start small. Find an item that you purchase frequently,” junior at Severna Park High School, Sarah Smith said, “An easy place to start is at the farmers market by Rite Aid. Here there are tons of small businesses.” 

Shopping from small businesses seems to be a favorite among Falcons. “It makes me feel good because I know my money is going to a family that needs it,” SPHS junior Josh Testerman said. Shopping small also benefits the environment. “I like supporting local businesses because there is often a smaller carbon footprint associated with the products I am buying,” Smith adds. So, when you support local businesses, your money not only benefits local families, but the environment as well. 

Supporting small businesses holds a big impact on the community. “By supporting small businesses you keep money local which then provides the neighborhood with job opportunities,” McKinstry said.

Consignment is a great way to help the environment while supporting a local business. “Consignors with items they could no longer use were able to sell their items and make a little money,” McKinstry explains, “customers who liked to dress nice but not spend a ton of money could make purchases of quality items without the big price tag.” 

Be sure to check out some local favorites like: Geno’s, Donut Shack, Gary’s Grille, Adam’s Ribs and Honeysuckle Quality Consignment. There are many more great small businesses around the Severna Park Area, so be sure to check them out. “It’s so easy to support our local economy and it starts with shopping small” Smith said.