The Trending Hair Styling Tool; Is It Worth The Hype?

The Revlon One- Step Volumizer Hair Dryer is an easy to use brush that dries and styles your hair all in one.


Karli Kirchenheiter

The Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer cuts hair drying time in half. It is easy to use and a great tool for styling the trending curtain bangs.

Karli Kirchenheiter, Staff Writer

Despite being around since 2016 the Revlon One- Step Volumizer Hair Dryer has recently made a big appearance in stores and the hands of women of all ages after going viral on social media, especially tik tok. Is it worth the hype? The answer is yes.

Favored for its affordable price, the brush has been selling out on Amazon and in stores where it’s placed front and center on display. It’s cost ranges from 60 dollars, to on sale for as low as 35 dollars. The price is unbeatable compared to its competitors like the Drybar Hair Dryer Brush that goes for 150 and the Dyson Airwrap that exceeds 500. 

This product is definitely user friendly. It has a comfortable sized handle that is easy to maneuver as you go through the motions and it’s very lightweight. The large bristles of the round brush help to detangle the hair without pulling any out. The brush is very effective at drying your hair and can get the job done in a little to 10 minutes. Although, it can get very warm towards the end but luckily there is a cold switch you can put it on if you come across that issue . The Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer is known for its ability to give high end salon-like blow outs. With the large amount of youtube tutorials and some practice you will be able to achieve that 90’s style bounce and volume in no time.

In addition, it works great for all hair types. A fresh blow dry can help tame the most frizzy and curly hair by creating a sleek and straight look. Those with thin hair can look to maximize volume by sectioning the hair into small pieces, starting at the root working your way down and turning the brush towards your face to get the face framing bend at the end of the hair. If you are able to perfect twisting the brush when you reach midway down your hair it can also make small waves.

One of the downsides to mention is that the tool is very loud compared to other hair dryers which can get annoying after 10 minutes of styling. Also it is a little difficult to reach the back of the head while trying to use the large brush. A reminder that frequent use can lead to damage to the hair, taking into account that excessive heat and brushing can cause breakage regardless of the tool.

Considering all aspects, the Revlon One- Step Volumizer Hair Dryer definitely gets you your bang for your buck. It’s easy to use and can get your hair looking like the iconic Rachel from Friends look in a quick couple minutes.