Advice for Incoming Freshman

Students and teachers share their tid bits of knowledge.


Members of the class of 2021.

Sophie Krejci, Editor in Chief

As Severna Park High School knocks the old seniors out of the building, the current students and staff will graciously welcome the class of Class of 2025 into the building next fall. High school for 14 year olds is a daunting but exciting experience, SPHS is a much larger school than Severna Park Middle School and most excitingly has stairs. My most shiny token of advice for the headstrong freshies: take journalism and then newspaper. Additionally, make sure to balance homework and some fun after you’ve written your articles. 

While my advice may seem a little bias, some other teachers and senior students have valid suggestions as well: 

  • “I think it’s extremely important to communicate with your teachers, because the reality is they will help you if reached out, if they haven’t already …”English Department Chair  Christina Bowman said.
  • “Use your agenda, actually use it,” Math Department Chair Angela Sasse said.
  • “If I were to redo my freshman year, I would participate in more school sponsored activities, especially sporting events. I missed out on a lot of fun experiences that I won’t get to do in high school again,” Mackenzie Rice said.
  • “Don’t waste time. Go out even if you don’t want to. Make new friends in your classes,”  Emersyn Kelter said.
  • “Enjoy high school while it lasts, its done a lot faster than you would think,”  Hunter Roberts  said.
  • “Don’t take AP tests for ever AP class you enrolled in,” Mac Young said.
  • “Find friends with boats and you will be happy,” Maggie Krejci  said.
  • “Don’t stress over an 89%”  Fatorma Bolay III said.
  • “Have fun, go out on the weekends, time flies by fast”  Grace Yearwood said
  • “Don’t take everything so seriously” Mack Putkowksi said. 
  • “Severna Park puts a lot of pressure on their students, take a deep breath, don’t let it get to you” Ethan Kent said.