Severna Park’s Lesser Known Gems

The Severna Park area is full of fun and interesting things to do during the summer.


Julia Owens

The view from Sunset Beach on Friday June 4. There were people who had their dogs there and there were a few people that went paddle boarding to watch some of the sunset. Every sunset is different there and that is part of the beauty of it.

Julia Owens, Managing Editor

Severna Park has a ton of great places to go during the summer. There are plenty of local things to do and depending on what you or your family wants to do you can put a different spin on these activities.

Baltimore and Annapolis Trail

Many people know about the Baltimore and Annapolis Trail (B&A Trail) but not everyone knows about all of the great things that you can do on or around the trail. Depending on what you want to do, you can choose your own adventure.

You can park at the high school and walk to the trail, you can go for miles in either direction once you are on the trail. If you want to walk for the sake of walking, that is an option. If you need a little more incentive to walk, there are plenty of fun places to stop on the way. There are rock gardens, planters, benches and some statues that line the trail. You can get to FroYo and other food places by walking on the trail.

Sunset Beach

It isn’t much of a beach, but it is a great place to watch the sunset or hangout for a little while during the day. It is fairly quiet and relaxing, you can go there to read a book, take pictures or just unwind from your day. There is some sand but the main attraction is the view. There is a view of the water, treeline across the water, and the sky above. 

If you want to see the sunset, look up what time sunset is for that day and then get there about 30-40 minutes before that time. That may seem early but the sun will be behind the trees already if you get there at the time of sunset. Depending on the time of the season there can be some bugs, so you may want to bring bug spray or some type of bug repellent.

If you want to go into the water it is recommended that you check the water quality. One place that you can find the water quality report is The Swim Guide. During the summer the water quality is checked weekly.

Kinder Farm Park

Everyone knows about Kinder Farm Park, but not everyone knows how many things you can do there. You can play frisbee golf, have a picnic, or go for a walk. A great combination of things to do is look at the animals, then eat a picnic lunch, after that you can either take a walk or go into the museum exhibits.

There are plenty of benches scattered around the park if you ever need a break or just want to stop and people watch.