Should Football Games be Free for Students?

Football games are good for students to get involved within the community, but not everyone can afford them.


Ginger Harrison, Online Editor

The student section is always roaring at the Severna Park High School football games. Whether it’s a blue-out, neon theme or USA pride, the students come prepared and dress all out to cheer on their fellow Falcons. These are great events to attend and the cost of whether or not students should be paying for the games is a big debate. 

“Football games should be free for students because if it is a school event, it should be free for students who are enrolled there,” SPHS senior Amelia Troy said. 

Many students, along with teachers at SPHS, believe that sports games, like football, should be free for the students that attend there. 

“I feel that it is fair for anyone else who does not go to the school that they should have to pay. I think that the costs for football games are fair for people who do not attend the high school,” Troy said, “Otherwise, I believe the tickets should be free for students.” Football games are also usually free for students in college so why can’t they be free for students in high school?

“Based on my experiences from college, I think each student should get one free ticket,” Poole said, “I got one free ticket in college to all sporting events.”

The cost of sports games may also be a concern for those students who live in lower income communities. Some students may not be able to pay to attend their own school’s sports event. “I certainly think all students, but especially those in lower-income communities should be allowed to support their team without occurring costs,” Poole said. 

Whether students should be paying for sports games or not is a valid concern, especially when the cost of a game could hold a student back from cheering on their team. “We want to encourage all students to attend,” Poole said.