Six Streak Shutout by Severna Park’s Soccer Hero

Brandon Asch, a senior at Severna Park High School, is on a game winning streak consisting of a six streak shutout for the Falcons. representing the high school soccer team.


Meghan DeFeo

Caption: Severna Park falcons take on playoffs with captain Brandon Asch as their starting goalie, having a six game shutout means he has not let in a single goal for six games straight. This has helped lead the falcons to win regionals and take them further into playoffs. Asch had a serious nose injury causing him to get stitches yet still strives with a mask covering his face during these past games. “When it comes to saving a ball there is never a technique. It’s always in the moment and is all reactionary” Asch said.

Meghan DeFeo, Staff writer

Boys soccer playoffs have just begun for public high schools in Maryland. The Falcons have fought a hard battle against each team in Anne Arundel County to qualify for the state playoffs. The Falcons recently beat the Old Mill Patriots on Friday Nov. 5, beating them 1-0. The patriots shot on Asch many times but once again he pulled through letting zero goals in.


 “When you see that ball coming, it’s a make or break and you just hope that your ability as a goalkeeper lets you save the ball,” Asch said.  


Asch perseveres through injury, pain and many more conflicts. During the regular season Asch was playing in the Arundel game and aggressively took a save while messing up his nose. Asch then went to the ER for multiple hours getting stitches and quickly recovered. In no time Asch was back between the two posts of the goal taking the Falcons to victory. 


“If you can get to your opponent’s head it’s a 60 percent chance you’re saving that ball,” Asch said. 


Not only does Asch and his fellow Falcons fight on the field weekly, they focus on team bonds. The team has a significant bond with outside activities, dinners and team fun. The boys focus on growing a strong relationship on and off the field with one another. This creates an amazing flow on the field leading the falcons to succeed during games. 


“The bond on the team has never been so strong and I couldn’t be happier. This bond is created by hanging out with each other like grabbing food or bowling after a huge team win,” Asch said.  


Wishing the falcons good luck to succeed while they still have a few games left to take over the state championship trophy, Asch and his teammates try to proceed to triumph. The next games will be in a short span of time and can make our break the falcons season of 2021.