Severna Park Students Want Old School Lunches Back

Students came together and expressed how they want to have a selection of a variety of different foods at Severna Park High School.


Ava Drexler-Amey

Eric Dulin eating a school lunch meal in Severna Park High School’s cafeteria.

Ava Drexler-Amey, Guest Writer

At Severna Park High School, students want other entree foods to be provided for the school lunches. Students would like to enjoy other delicious foods during school, but the same food is being sold every week. 

Many students miss having delicious foods that they enjoy looking forward to at lunch. 

¨I feel like we should have the option for what we get to eat and I miss the fries and the other options that used to be given to us. I miss the entrees given to us because we work hard all day and deserve something to look forward to during lunch” Charlotte Kramer said, a junior.

Many students feel that they should have a variety of options everyday. Students are in different moods and would like a meal or snack that will satisfy them and push them through the rest of the day. 

¨I feel that we should not just have only healthy food but we should have a variety of other foods that students like to enjoy in the cafeteria that are not necessarily bad for you but are not just healthy¨ junior Evan Stroble said.

Students should be able to get more food choices than elementary food students. Budget plays a huge role in this decision, but if Severna Park High School paid for a variety of food two years ago, they can pay for it now.

“I don’t really find the food to be that healthy in the first place, but students should be able to have options of what they want to eat. Also, I think it’s kinda ridiculous how we are served the same portions that we got as elementary schoolers. Not having any entree food just adds to my point. I understand schools have budgets for food but I feel like our choices are very limited then how they were in middle school. I miss the switch drink and scooter bar ice cream man. they really made my day,” senior Kate Haufe said.