Freshman on Cross Country

A new year means a new group of runners joining the Severna Park Cross Country team this fall.


Angelica Coleman 

Running in a practice race, freshman Addy Glebocki is steadily pushing through her race. The cross country runner got 34th overall for the girls and boys division. “Don’t just worry about going fast,” Glebocki said. “have fun, enjoy your team, make memories, and have the time of your life.”

Natalie Frank, Guest Writer

Freshmen joined the Severna Park cross country team as new members this fall and shared their experiences as they entered high school competitive sports teams for the first time. 

Cross Country Coach, Alcombright, referred to as Coach A, welcomes a new group of freshmen to the team. 

“I love how much of a ‘blank slate’’ they are when it comes to running and training,” Coach A said. “This allows us to mold them into the type of runners/athletes/people that we try to foster in our program. I also love to see how they grow and make them realize the potential they have within them and within the sport.”

For some, forging new friendships is the motivation for joining cross county. Freshman Millie Maridos said, “I joined cross country so that I could make new friends and because I like to run and I thought it would be a nice challenge.”

Freshman Addy Glebocki, said that cross country is an amazing way to create strong friendships.

“You get to learn a lot about your team and make new friends,” Glebocki said.  “I wouldn’t have a lot of the friends I have now without cross country. I really recommend people going into freshman year to do it because it is a really good way to make new friends and learning new things.”

Glebocki also elaborates on her love for the sport and the team overall. 

“It’s always a blast,” Glebocki said. “I feel like I can just always have fun with my crew. It’s fun making memories and I can’t wait to make more with my team.”