Aaron Young Marine Corps

Most may go to college but some go to the military instead. 


When choosing after high school what to do some have colleges lined up, but some have recruiters lined up. What did you choose? “The Marines is something that I am very passionate about,” Aaron Young said. Photo by Maya Jones.

Izzy Williams, Staff Writer

Military or college?

What do you choose to do after high school? Will it be college, a gap year, military or something completely different? The United States Marine Corps (USMC) is the maritime land force service branch of the United States Armed Forces responsible for conducting expeditionary and amphibious operations through combined arms, implementing its own infantry, armor, artillery, aerial and special operations forces. The U.S. Marine Corps is one of the eight uniformed services of the United States.

Senior Aaron Young is fully dedicated to the Marine Corps. You could even say that the marines motto of Semper Fi, meaning, Always Faithful, Young is Semper Fi to the Marines. Also helping them serve their purpose of the Marine Corps mission reflects every marine’s purpose. In essence, our Nation is that purpose. In our world, in ourselves, and in our way, there are conflicts, challenges and obstacles that must be fought confidently and defeated convincingly for our Nation to prevail. These looming battles come in many forms and occur on many fronts, but each comes down to a critical choice: to demand victory or accept defeat. To pull together or fall apart. To give in or cave in. It is a decision each marine conveys to our nation with each battle won.

Leaving his home and family, Young is headed off to boot camp on July 22, 2022. The military enables everyone to have a new start in life or simply continue their need to be the best mindset. The Marine Corps helps individuals find their true selves. For Young, he wants to be the best in the room not just academically but physically. Young will stick to the Marine Corps motto, Semper Fi, which means Always Faithful. “I want to be the best in the room, not just mentally but physically,” Young said.