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Athlete of the Week: Mikie Harmeyer

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Freshman Mikie Harmeyer is a mid-fielder on the school’s varsity lacrosse team. Harmeyer has been playing since he was seven years old, teaching him many valuable lessons and enabling him to improve each year. “I’ve spent countless hours and days working on this sport and I regret none of it,” said Harmeyer.

Since he was a young athlete, and started his lacrosse career at the Arden lacrosse club, freshman Mikie Harmeyer has always wanted to go above and beyond his foreshadowed potential. Beginning his lacrosse career at Arden Lacrosse Club at the age of 7, then moving forward to the Diamond Back Lacrosse Club at age 10, and finally reaching the Fellowship Christian Athlete Lacrosse club, Harmeyer feels like his supportive teams and coaches  that he has been on has helped him become a great lacrosse player.

“I got into lacrosse because I had so many friends and family involved, and this made me want to try it out,” said Harmeyer. Playing lacrosse for so long teaches values that cannot be taught anywhere other than on the field, such as teamwork, determination and leadership. “I’ve spent countless hours and days working on this sport and I regret none of it,” said Harmeyer.

Looking forward to college, Harmeyer plans to extend his lacrosse career. “I would like to play in college, because I have always wanted to play lacrosse at such a high level,” said Harmeyer. The sport of lacrosse inspires kids to want more and to want change for the better and eventually those who want to play at the high level will have opportunity

Harmeyer made the lacrosse team as a freshman, and plays midfield. “Making varsity lacrosse was very exciting for me because I am aware of the legacy of the falcons in lacrosse,” said Harmeyer. With Severna Park recently winning the state title last May, this shows how great of a program the lacrosse team is. “Being a falcon already means so much to me, it also means I have responsibilities to take on,” said Harmeyer.

With Harmeyer only being a freshman, Severna Park Lacrosse has a very successful future ahead of them, including Harmeyer and the three other freshman who also made varsity. “To me this is only just the start of a grand beginning, and the start of a meaningful adventure,” said Harmeyer.


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Athlete of the Week: Mikie Harmeyer