Young Life takes on Fall Weekend

Severna Park Young Life takes their annual journey to their fall retreat


Anna Grace Keller

This year Severna Park Young Life just recently took their annual adventure and came across new experiences and memories. Severna Park along with other anne arundel county schools travel to southern maryland for a retreat every year.“I love fall weekend, it is such a good escape from reality and it brought awesome new experiences this year,” said Sophie Toomey. Photo Credit: Anna Grace Keller

Young Life is a worldwide program that reaches many high schoolers from all over the world. It is a christian based program that stresses strengthening relationships with God while adding elements of fun into it. Anne Arundel County has a branch of young life with strong groups in the Severna Park, Broadneck and South River areas. Groups are also forming in the Annapolis and Chesapeake area. Anne Arundel county as a whole recently traveled to North Bay Adventure camp in Maryland. “Young life is such an important part of my life, I love the people and the environment of the camps and retreats,” Maddie Rue said.


During the retreat, there were activities such as rock wall climbing, scavenger hunts, dance parties, games at meals, frisbee golf and volleyball. The most enjoyed activities were ziplining, a giant swing and setting up hammocks under the piers. Even with all the fun the idea of spreading what Young Life stands for is pushed throughout the whole weekend as well. Every morning the high schoolers go to breakfast and then go to what they call club which starts out as all fun and games but then there is a speaker at the end that spreads their message to the kids. This same thing also is repeated every night after dinner, after club the students are then encouraged to participate in cabin time. Cabin time is a reflection of the lesson the speaker just talked about but in close knit groups with the leader and other high schoolers in your cabin. “Cabin time gave me a great opportunity to not only understand what was going on in others life but also abled me to talk about things going on in my life and it really helped me,” Hunter Chadwick said.


Severna Park Young life meets on Mondays for club at St. Martins in the field Church. They dance and sing and then the leaders preach a message at the end of the night. On wednesdays they also meet for campaigners, which is a more in depth lesson and usually replicates a cabin time environment. Also, on Friday mornings before school there is a girl’s and boy’s bible study at the Starbucks in Severna Park. A

Anne Arundel county young life is also happy to announce they will be traveling to Saranac New York for summer camp in the summer of 2018. They are looking forward to the adventures Saranac will have to offer.