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Club Picture Day (For Yearbook)

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Students who are members of a club are invited by their adviser for their club group photo.  Students must receive a pass from their club adviser, in order to be dismissed from class.  Please see your club adviser for a signed pass.  Students should proceed to Auditorium for their club photo FIVE MINUTES before their scheduled time.


Chorus 7:30 Gabrielle
Embers 7:35 Earhart
Quill and Scroll 7:40 Earhart
The Talon 7:45 Earhart
Spanish Honor Society 7:45 Scott
Young Democrats 7:50 Bowman
Young Republicans 7:50 Earhart
It’s Academic 7:55 Goldberg
Key Club International 8:00 Meadows/Stahl
Senior Class Officers 8:05 Hendler
Junior Class Officers 8:05 Hendler
Sophomore Class Officers 8:10 Sasse
Freshman Class Officers 8:10 Hendler
Chick fil A 8:15 Barnstead
DECA 8:20 Colon/Rausch
NHS Officers 8:25 Schnabel
Sci-Fi 8:30 Boorman
PTLW 12 8:35 Cahoon/Hill, B.
Thespian Society 8:40 Germanos
Spanish Club 8:45 Bauer
PTLW 11 8:50 Cahoon/Hill, B.
Chinese Club 8:55 Zhou
Leadership 3 9:00 Bender/Colon
SGA 9:10 Smith
S.T.A.R. Club/Lemon 9:15 Jackson
National Dance Honor Soc 9:20 Witting
Dance Company 1 9:20 Witting
Dance Company 2 9:25 Wittiing
Dance Company 3 9:30 Witting
Hip Hop 9:35 Witting
Improv 9:40 Germanos
Stage Crew 9:45 Germanos
Model UN 9:50 Smith
Rho Kappa 9:55 Haring
Leadership 2 10:00 Colon
Tri-M Music Honor Society 10:00 Gabrielle
All County Chorus 10:05 Kilby
All County Orchestra 10:05 Kilby
Vocal Ensemble 10:10 Gabrielle
National English Honor Society 10:15 Zimmerman
ROTC/Skills USA 10:20 Inscoe/Dugans
Orchestra 10:25 Kilby
Color Guard 10:30 Kilby/Nelson
Indoor Guard 10:35 Kilby/Nelson
Impulse 10:40 Hill
Gaming Club 10:45 D’Eramos
Speech and Debate 10:50 Bisser
Percussion Ensemble 10:55 Kilby
Entrepreneur Club 11:00 Barnstead
Young Authors 11:05 Hunter, K.
Leadership 1 11:10 Barnstead/Colon
Sailing 11:15 B. Hill
Culture United 11:20 Allam
Book Club 11:25 Fitzgerald
SPTV/ Millionaires club 11:30 Hinkle
ACE Club 11:35 Bernstein
Women in Engineering 11:40 Milcic
TSA Robotics 11:40 Bernstein
Junior Statesmen of America 11:45 Harrington
National Science Honor Society 11:50 Perry
Sp film society 11:55 Hinkle
Crafting for a Cause 12:00 Greenlee
Green Club 12:05 Pittman
SADD/ Chemistry Club 12:10 Bender
Mock Trial 12:15 Bowman
PLTW 10 12:20 Ledford
French club 12:20 Auchincloss
National Art Honor Society 12:25 Dattlebaum
Fly Fishing 12:30 Derlink
Woke SP 12:35 Harrington
Art is Well Club 12:40 Wess
Announcement Team 12:45 Jones
Genders Sexualities Alliance/ One Love Club 12:50 Doucette/Colon
PLTW 9 12:55 Cahoon/Hill, B.
Math Team 1:05 H. Jones
Math Honor Society 1:05 J. Lowman
Physics Club 1:10 Hopkins
School Store 1:15 Colon
Best Buddies 1:15 Magner/Baker
BSO 1:20 Kilby
Students helping others 1:25 Bertinatti
ASL 1:30 Jones, B.
S2SP/ Falcon FLight 1:35 Levy/Jones, L.
SP Customs 1:40 Slack
SP Stage Company 1:45 Germanos
Spirit Club/Chess Club 1:50 Kandra/Hageman
Jazz Ensemble 1:55 Kilby
Concert Band 2:00 Kibly
Marching Band/Silks 2:05 Kilby
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Club Picture Day (For Yearbook)