What’s behind SGA?

What’s are the SGA's goal in school?


Leala Smith

The SGA officers are getting are getting ready for Chesapeake Regional Association of Student Councils field trip, a field trip that they will do multiple times a year. They learned more about military family and get to know more about them. The purpose, siad Jared Smith, is “to make a more comfortable and inviting setting for the children of military families.”

Alice Bishop, Staff Writer

The Student Government Association, SGA, is the name you probably associate most with homecoming week. Although homecoming is one of their main projects, SGA plans and organizes more events other than homecoming.Just like class officers, the SGA  has seven positions: President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Treasure, Director of Communication, Ambassador and Historian.

Each have different roles according to the “SGA constitution,” but the roles are interconnected.

SGA Director of Communication, Kaitlyn Mallia said, “Nobody has their own special role. Nobody has a higher position than other people [except the President].”

SGA’s adviser, Ms. Smith, deals with the financial side of the organization. Jared Smith, the Ambassador of SGA, said, “She directs us and delegates power to us.”

Another part of the SGA is the students. To make  organizing events easier, SGA will have committees, with officers in each to direct them. According to Lauren Aguilar, they have one of the biggest help from students during homecoming. After homecoming, the committee started to get smaller for less notice events. The committees also have voices in events that the SGA puts one throughout the years.

Some of the events they put together are Teachers Appreciation Week, Homecoming and Pep Rally. During teachers appreciation week, the SGA will personally bring food, snacks or sweets to teachers. Teachers will also get raffle tickets for restaurant gift cards.

The purpose of this, said Mallia, is “just to say thank you [to the teachers] for all the things they do to help us.”

During the prep rally, the SGA created games for both students and teachers. he purpose of that, according to Matthew Bateman, SGA’s 1st Vice President, is to “connect students to the staff.”

In prep rally, he said, “it shows a different side of staff and students where you don’t see inside of a classroom.” Then he gives some example of the teacher vs students games they put to show the students.

[Teacher Appreciation lunch is] just to say thank you [to the teachers] for all the things they do to help us.”

— Kaitlyn Mallia

Throughout the years, as the SGA organizes more events, their goal is “to make sure students feels involved in everything we put it on,” Mallia said.

During the next SGA election times,  Smith asks for the student’s opinions on the events throughout year.

“[The students] were really responsive,” said Smith.

Overall, SGA’s messages to the students, according to Bateman, is “Thanks everyone for being so cooperative [throughout the events that SGA organized]. Come to SGA, we’ll love to have you.”