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Q&A with Madelaine Garner: Creator of MadelaineMade

Recent Severna Park graduate, jumpstarted her own business

Alena Carhart, Editor in Chief

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After graduating from Severna Park, Madelaine Garner (class of 2017) created her own online business called “MadelaineMade.” Her products consist of homemade necklaces, soaps and cosmetics. The idea became a reality due to her passion for creativity.

Q: What is your business and what items do you sell?

A: My business is “MadelaineMade” and I sell handmade products (mostly jewelry).

Q: How did you start your business?

A: One day I was thinking and I realized that I should do something I enjoy and hopefully make a profit off of it, so MadelaineMade got started.

Q: Has this always been a passion of yours?

A: When I was really young, I loved going to bead stores and making little earrings and crafts. Being creative is my passion.

Q: Do you have a store?

A: I have an online store and I sell my products through my Instagram, @madelainemade.

Q: What are your future aspirations for your business?

A: Hopefully I’ll be able to continue my business through college and more people will know about it.

Q: What is different about Madelaine made products compared to other products?

A: “MadelaineMade” products stand out from others because everything is handmade and excellent quality.

Q: What suggestions do you have for people interested in starting a business?

A: If anyone else wants to start their own business I believe it is important to love what you do. Social media is extremely important for advertising your products to show them off to the public. Creating an online store will teach you how to do inventory, catalog, graphic design, etc.  Also, you need to learn how to make a reasonable profit, or there is no way you will be able to stay in business.

Check out her website and her instagram @madelainemade.

Madelaine Garner created her own line of handmade products called “MadelaineMade.” Since she was young, she loved being creative so she decided to make a business out of it. “If anyone else wants to start their own business I believe it is important to love what you do” Garner said. Photos courtesy of Madelaine Garner.

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Q&A with Madelaine Garner: Creator of MadelaineMade