Jam Land!

The new club for jamming-out at SPHS.

Matt Mangano , Features Editor

After attending a Summer Guitar Program at Berklee College of Music in Massachusetts, senior Trent Reeder started looking for a group of students at SPHS that love music as much as he does. This October, he created Jam Land, a new club whose sole purpose is, well, jamming-out. He was inspired to start this club by a jam session at Berklee. “I had an impulse decision to buy and paint a guitar, only to play it at a jam and stomp on it. I realized that is the fun of jamming, just throwing stuff out there and going crazy for the world,” Reeder said.

Jam Land is made to be a welcoming environment for anyone who appreciates music and wants to share their talent with a supportive group of fellow artists. Reeder knows there are many different levels of talent at SPHS, and hopes to better those who want to learn a new instrument or are stuck in the, “‘Look, I can play Wonderwall and Riptide, haha,’ stage.” 

With the help of seniors JT Schiavone and Jake Montange on bass and drums, Reeder looks forward to the development of the club. “I am most excited to see what this school can do, and how I can teach people to be the best musicians they can be,” Reeder said. 

The club is still in its humble beginnings, but it is definitely a great place to hear some outstanding music and even learn something new. “It is a really relaxing time for anyone who has any interest in music,” senior JT Schiavone said. The makeshift band is very content with just playing around on their instruments together, but Reeder hopes that one day they can reach further into the school. “As of right now, there are no plans to perform, but that is a big ‘as of right now,’ because it is something I would love to do,” Reeder said. 

For more information on Jam Land, follow @jam.land_ on Instagram, and stop by Room 188 in the music hallway on Mondays after school.