Treat Yourself

Doing simple pleasures for yourself can change your whole mood.



It is really hard to stay occupied while in quarantine, but why not relax a little? I’ve stayed at home and had plenty of do nothing days and it’s been really nice to have that. “ It is so nice to finally have down time. I can’t remember a time I have been so relaxed and refreshed” Max Boettinger said.

Bella Boettinger, Staff Writer

Schools, businesses, mostly everything has been shut down. Although in this time of crisis friends and family are missed, it is great to have time to get to know ourselves. Spending time in solitude allows me to get to know what I really love and what makes me happy. I now know my limits better and how to handle in house situations better. 

First of all, if your family is mad at you or you are mad at your family, it is better to let them be. Being by yourself is good to gather your thoughts and give everyone in the household a little more space. Like it or not family is all you have and it is best to stay on their good side. 

Sleep in. You finally have the opportunity to sleep and rejuvenate, take advantage of it. Although staying up late can be fun, it is definitely important to get a good night’s sleep and stay fresh. Sleeping is a great thing to do if you’re bored and exhausted. It takes up time and restores your natural beauty.

Eat like you never have before. With all this free time on our hands cooking is a great hobby. Almost every morning I try to make something new. I’m actually getting pretty good at making myself big breakfasts and it is way less expensive than going to The Breakfast Shoppe. Cooking gives you a productive and yummy morning.

Another great way to be zen while at home is to do simple pleasures for yourself “I love drinking tea it calms me down. Also lighting a candle or cozying up my room to make me feel put together” junior Salma Abushi said. The little things are what makes staying at home bearable. Treating yourself gives a sense of self love and self appreciation which is easier to accomplish now more than ever.