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My name is Bella Boettinger and I am a staff writer for the SPHS Newspaper. I enjoy reading and then writing about what I read. This is my second year on the team and I’m so excited to contribute to the Talon again.

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Cicadas are around every summer, but every 17 years a great amount come. If you listen closely enough, you can hear them, they sound like UFOs coming to Earth. “I love going out in the morning and listening to them, it’s such a cool sound” junior Ally Dearing said. 

2021 Cicada Craze

June 7, 2021
The past two weeks have been really hard for so many of the Severna Park community. Everyone is trying to find something to keep their mind’s occupied but it can be hard to find a healthy outlet. I have found great comfort in coloring books as well as my friends. “ It really lets me zone out and focus on what thing at a time” senior Kelly List said.

The Art Of Coloring

April 29, 2021
It is really hard to stay occupied while in quarantine, but why not relax a little? I’ve stayed at home and had plenty of do nothing days and it’s been really nice to have that. “ It is so nice to finally have down time. I can’t remember a time I have been so relaxed and refreshed” Max Boettinger said.

Treat Yourself

May 19, 2020
Myles Quinones cooks every opportunity he has. Since sixth grade he has dedicated many hours to culinary practices. “When I was little, my Grandma owned a restaurant and she always wanted to teach me how to cook. When she died I took that as a way to remember her,” Quinones said.

Pastries Anyone?

March 5, 2020
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Bella Boettinger