Science Department gets a New Teacher, Ms. Potter

The science department welcomes new teacher to the SPHS community.

New addition to the science department.

Photo by April Rishert

New addition to the science department.

Sydney Romo, Staff Writer

What made you decide to be a teacher? Did something inspire you?

I was ready to make a change from a former career; over a decade in Government Relations. The only thing I ever really liked doing was going to school and learning so when I was ready to start a different path, teaching seemed like an obvious choice to transition from something I no longer enjoyed to something I am very passionate about and LOVE getting to do everyday.”


Is this your first year of teaching?

Nope! Year 8”


What made you want to teach at SPHS?

I made the move from middle school to high school last year, from OMMN to South River HS. With the new Crofton HS opening, SPHS lost about 16 teachers and I was one of them. SPHS is close to my home and I’ve always heard good things about the school, so I was excited an opportunity opened for me at just the right time. Serendipity!”


What do you teach?

Honors Biology and AP Environmental Science.”


What do you like to do outside of school?

I read books a LOT; like every day, actually – even without COVID. Ha! I daydream about owning a lake house so I watch Lakefront Bargain Hunt obsessively. I use to say “spend time with friends and family” and “getting to the gym” but currently there’s a lot less of that than I like but that’s certainly where my heart (and body!) would like to be…”

Do you have family in the area? 

I do!! I grew up around here and I love that I have lots of family close by even if we are only FaceTiming and having socially distanced conversations in driveways right now.”