Adam’s Ribs

A restaurant review: a local spot in Severna Park.


Anna Childress

A meal that consists of half of a barbecued chicken, sweet potato fries and green beans along with ketchup and extra barbecue sauce. Adam’s Ribs is a family owned and operated restaurant that started in Edgewater, MD and grew to five more locations in Maryland. The food is high quality and is known for its BBQ entrees and delicious sides.

Anna Childress, Staff Writer

It may look like your average local family restaurant but Adam’s Ribs is anything but, this restaurant is known for its meats, location and homey atmosphere. It has delicious food, great service and affordable prices.

The food was very enjoyable and above average in comparison to other restaurants that have similar menus. For example, the chicken was not dry at all and was very flavorful, unlike some restaurants. It is difficult to find a chicken that is perfectly cooked, but once it has been found it is easy to eat and does not have the annoying possibility of dryness. The McDonald’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich’s chicken is quite dry and hard to eat, and so the Adam’s Ribs chicken is much better.  Overall the food was delicious and definitely worth trying

The service was good overall except for one thing. When ordering a take-out order, they would be placed on hold for 1-2 minutes, which wasn’t a huge problem but still a slight setback. Picking up the food was easy, as soon as the customer walked in and gave their name, their food was handed over and they were able to pay quickly. All of the visible employees had masks and gloves on, adhering to the new safety rules for COVID-19. Like most restaurants, they were doing a good job at being as sanitary and careful as possible. The employees were kind and didn’t appear to be annoyed or grumpy, like some employees are at restaurants like Burger King or McDonalds. In all the service was quite good and definitely made an easy visit.

Not only was the food and service quality, but the menu was very affordable. While a full meal at a nearby restaurant the Charleston can cost around $100 per person, a meal at Adam’s Ribs can be $15 or less. This may still be expensive compared to a meal from McDonalds which can cost around $6, but the quality in the Adam’s Ribs helps it pay for itself and be highly worth it. The amount of food received from ordering a Half Chicken Platter is half a chicken, two large sides, rolls and a drink. This is most likely more than enough and may even result in leftovers for another day. The cost of the food overall is most certainly very acceptable and compares well to other restaurants.

Overall the quality of Adam’s Ribs in it’s food and service is very high and should be a good restaurant for anyone. It is easy and fun to eat, simple to get the food and all for a very low price considering the amount received. Everyone in Severna Park should eat at this restaurant. Adam’s Ribs is a place many would highly recommend and title their favorite spot to go enjoy delicious food at affordable prices.