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Warm Winter Recipes-Medovik

Mia Tocco, Staff Writer
January 21, 2023
Here you see one of the build-your own poke bowls. This one had tuna, rice, edamame, scallions, white rice, spicy mayo, eel sauce and sesame seeds. Next to it is the Lychee green fruit tea with boba. Not only is the food great, but it’s a simple and speedy service

The New Boba Favorite

Sarah Sternhagen, Co-Editor in Chief
October 10, 2022
Located in Pasadena, the Double T Diner is enjoyed by countless numbers of customers and is frequently returned to. Family-owned and with homemade meals, the diner has always been a beloved place to enjoy meals and spend time with loved ones.

Double T Diner Review

Lilly Spilker, Staff Writer
February 21, 2021
A meal that consists of half of a barbecued chicken, sweet potato fries and green beans along with ketchup and extra barbecue sauce. Adam’s Ribs is a family owned and operated restaurant that started in Edgewater, MD and grew to five more locations in Maryland. The food is high quality and is known for its BBQ entrees and delicious sides.

Adam’s Ribs

Anna Childress, Staff Writer
February 18, 2021
Winter Quarantine Activities

Winter Quarantine Activities

Sophie Krejci, Editor in Chief
February 5, 2021
Senior Caroline Altman Farrell has been an avid chocolate lover since he was a child. Farrell tries to spend time with his family enjoying chocolate every night. “Chocolate has always been a mood-booster for me and I have good memories of enjoying it with family.”

Three Health Benefits of Chocolate

Amanda Vu, Opinions Editor
May 12, 2020
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