The Art Of Coloring

In tough times myself and others have found great comfort in coloring.


Bella Boettinger

The past two weeks have been really hard for so many of the Severna Park community. Everyone is trying to find something to keep their mind’s occupied but it can be hard to find a healthy outlet. I have found great comfort in coloring books as well as my friends. “ It really lets me zone out and focus on what thing at a time” senior Kelly List said.

Bella Boettinger, Staff Writer

Coloring wasn’t always an interest of mine, but after the tragedy of a friend’s death I needed something to focus on, something to calm me when I felt overwhelmed. There wasn’t a minute of the day that I wasn’t thinking about it, and I have friends who went through the same experience.

“I was thinking to myself what can distract me from all of these thoughts in my head that can also relax me, and that’s when I ordered my coloring book from Amazon. I got a coloring book and a pack of special markers for under $20”  senior Kelly List said.

Studies show from Cleveland Health Clinic that coloring gives a sense of control and peace, every decision is yours and brings out your creative side. 

Having control and patience in a chaotic head-space is really helpful and it’s a very good coping mechanism that benefits the brain.

“I love making everything to my design and trying to get perfect lines and colors. Seeing my creation after I’m done makes me feel so accomplished even though it is something as simple as a coloring page” junior Olivia Driver said.

The art of coloring is that you can choose the way you color, if it’s inside or outside the lines, it’s all up to you. Take your time or rush through it, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re relaxed and in a peaceful state of mind.

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