Favorite Restaurant In Severna Park

With so many restaurants and so many people to serve, there’s plenty of people in Severna Park who have their favorites.


Sarah Sternhagen

In Severna Park, Chipotle and MOD Pizza are some of the favorite restaurants. Both located on Ritchie Highway they each have similar formulas to making their food that has enticed customers to come again and again. Several customers gave us feedback on their favorite and why they like it so much.

Sarah Sternhagen, Staff Writer

There are many frequented restaurants in Severna Park. With a variety of styles of food, from quick grab and go drinks to refreshing summer treats, and casual dining, everyone has their preferences. These are the two restaurants that are most people’s favorites.

One major favorite was Chipotle. As a chain across the United States with over 2,000 locations, it’s known for its burritos and casual dining experience. With the one in Severna Park being located along Ritchie Highway on a strip with several other shops and restaurants, it’s been standing out when people are asked why they like it.

“I would say Chipotle,” sophomore Jillian Zuckly said, “Their burritos are the best.”

The food is a main draw for customers. They build your burrito in front of the customer, and it has enticed people before and continues to bring them back for more.

“It supplies an array of options to the customer and is pretty healthy compared to other places nearby,” sophomore Kate Keeler said.

Chipotle has many loyal customers, but MOD Pizza, which is right next to Chipotle on Ritchie Highway, has garnered its own following since it opened. Serving pizza in a similar fashion, where the customer watches the pizza made in front of them and can customize their pizza before it’s baked.

“My favorite place to eat in Severna Park is probably MOD Pizza,” sophomore Laci Petruccy said, “Because they have really good Caesar salads and mini pizzas.”

MOD Pizza is its own chain of restaurants across the country, with 505 locations spread throughout the United States. The unique take on pizza has garnered notice by its customers.

“Mini pizzas make it so you don’t have leftovers,” Petruccy said, “And [you] don’t have to fight with everyone over what toppings to get.”

What do you think? Do you like Chipotle or MOD Pizza better? If you haven’t been to one or either of them, maybe this can help you decide if you’d like to try it out.