Blended Essentials Review

Candles, body scrubs, scents and more.


Julia Owens

With so many ways to combine and create, you can make something new and truly personal to you. Bath bombs are also a huge hit, with similar scents being provided and pre-made ones at your disposal to choose from. With a variety of other products available, there are countless places to allow your creative ideas to shine.

Julia Owens and Zoe Philip

Have you ever been interested in self-care routines and all of the assorted products used in them? Or been interested in the process in which these products are made? If so, Blended Essentials is the place to get in tune with your creative side and find what works best for you. With a variety of products you can create along with those already made in their online store, the possibilities for what you can create are endless. But for now, here are a few ideas to get you started. 


Although they have an online store, in-store you can make a variety of products ranging from soaps to candles, bath bombs, lotions and body scrubs. One of their biggest hits is their candles, with your own choice of whatever scent, color or container to make something uniquely you. There are also different soaps, from melt n’ pour to those made in a special cold process technique. Cold process soaps have a separate class that needs to be specifically scheduled and can include up to six participants. To schedule classes or buy any premade products, go onto the website and there is a five-dollar class fee per person for the normal sessions. Here’s an example of a real customer experience for their candle-making class. 

Customer Experience

The candle-making experience was nice and only took about an hour. The experience starts with picking out a container from the store, but you can skip this step by bringing your own container; it just can’t be a plastic container. Then, you put dyed water into the container to see how much wax you will want. You then weigh that water and do some basic calculations that the staff guides you through in order to tell you how much wax you need. You then pour that amount into your wax melter, and begin looking at fragrances. Blended Essentials has a wide variety when it comes to fragrances. They had everything from funfetti (a fragrance that smelled like a mix of marshmallow and vanilla cake) to lavender to camping (a fragrance with notes of musk, smoke and wood). Once you pick your fragrance, your wax should be close to completely melted. Now, you add your color and can customize it however you want. You place your wick, or multiple wicks if needed, and then you pour your wax into the container that you picked at the beginning of the session. It then will need time to set so you can come and pick your candle up later in the day.

It was an overall great experience and it was pretty decently priced in our opinion. We would definitely recommend it and will be going back.